Fragstats 4.1 - How to import results back into ArcMap?

01-16-2013 10:59 AM
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I am trying to figure out how to take my output from Fragstats and import it into ArcMap, where I can create a raster map of my results.  I've tried two ways of going about this, but am running into problems on both fronts. 

Firstly, I tried the straightforward method of inputting an Esri Grid layer into Fragstats, which successfully gives me a .patch that I can open in Excel.  The .patch contains the attribute PID (Patch ID) which I would join to an image also containing those PID values.  So, I go back to Fragstats and run the analysis again, this time checking "Generate patch ID file".  I get following error: "Cannot create ESRI grid".  I am able to run the same layer through the Local structure gradient (moving window) analysis, which successfully generates a Grid output, so I don't understand why it can't do the same at the Multi-level structure. 

Next, I tried inputting a raw ASCII layer, checked "Generate patch ID file", and got my file ending in "id8.asc".  I converted this file to raster and am able to view it as an image, but cannot access the Attribute Table.  How could I then join this raster with my .patch results? 

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Hey Karen,

Have you found a solution for this? I'm having the same problem at the moment, how to import .class, .land elements into ArcGIS so that I can make a join to another table.

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Do you find the solution? I also have the same problem.

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