Flex FindDataWidget only works if basemap in SpatialRef: 102100 (EPSG 3857)

03-29-2012 02:39 AM
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I am using version ArcGIS for INSPIRE geoportal SP2 and Glassfish 3.1.1(build 12)

I have discovered behavior  that I am not sure if is a bug or by design.

The FindDataWidget.swf sends a request to my geoportal  when using the orginal config.xml for the geoportal flex viewer. The request grabbed from the browser is like this (searching for :sam*)


and the request part that the proxy.jsp gets is like this


However if I switch to the Icelandic basemap using SpatialRef 3057 the browser just sends no request and the wait circle just goes on and on.

Attached are the orginal geoportal flex viewer config.xml and also the one using 3057 basemaps (config_is.xml)

The FindDataWidget.xml is in its original state as it came with SP2

I guess I will have to set up the development environment for the FlexViewer source and the FindDataWidget to be able to debug this.

PS. I created my own basemap of Iceland in EPSG 3857 and when I use that the seach is fine.
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FindDataWidget.mxml -
Function :   private function doSearch():void
Line (616) :  extent = projectionToGpt.reprojectExtent(extent);

calls ProjectionHandler: public function reprojectExtent(extent:Extent):Extent
which throws an error:
        throw new Error(
          "Geometry services will be needed for this reprojectin. TBD");

This line throws an exception when the basemap has spatial reference 3057, using this service: http://atlas.lmi.is/lmigis/rest/services/kort/grunnkort_gatt/MapServer

So I guess this will just have to wait for the version that uses GeometryService 🙂

Or I add a patch that uses geometry service. For now I will just not use that basemap
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