Filleting bug

08-04-2014 05:39 AM
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Am I alone?  I get bounced from ArcMap10.1 with a crash to desktop error on a regular basis.  I have been reporting this bug for at least a year, is there any hope that it will be fixed?


Background:  I work across a WAN editing the base mapping of roads, right-of-ways, and parcels.  I use filleting, A LOT, to create smooth tangent curves along roads and road edges and parcel lines at intersections.  The WAN can be laggy at times, click and wait for a command to process.


What happens:  I select two lines or arcs to fillet, then drag the radius to where I want it and make the third mouse click.  Now if I move the mouse cursor, even slightly the fillet radius will change before the acceptance window pops asking to confirm the layer to create the fillet on. If I'm "in the zone" clicking away doing multiple fillets and start anticipating too much I will hit the accept before realizing the the radius has moved.  If I do catch the change it is a simple matter to cancel the command and start over.  If not one of two things will happen.  If the fillet is solvable the fillet will be created, if it's unsolvable the program crashes to desktop.  Solvable means I have to undo, not really a big deal.  Unsolvable means that I have lost all of my work from that point back to the last save, that can mean minutes or hours of lost production.


The core of the problem is the error handling routine for fillets.  Laggy or not if the program encounters bad input it should be able to recover, abort the command or some other way get past the problem.


ESRI, I am imploring you fix this issue so I can be more productive.

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