Extract data from Microsofct Word .docx for fetaure class using Python or other tools?

01-07-2021 05:24 AM
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Are there tools or Python scripts that will extract text from Microsoft Word (2016) files (.docx )? 

Issue - I have dozens or Word documents , all in the same format, that have data I would like to extract to put in a feature class. The Word documents have listings of geocoordinates, and text descriptions that would fit nicely into feature class fields. 

Plan - I would like to be able to extract the data to a table in a FGDB (or into a CSV file) that I can then convert to a feature class.

Are there Python modules, or Python code, or ESRI models that can do this?

Thank you!

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Morning, AlanMcDowell1!

I'm not aware of any Esri tools to accomplish what you describe, but the docx Python module looks like it might do the job.



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I spent a few hours with the docx Python module but could not get it to work, it is probably because I am a novice user of Python and was doing something wrong.

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The LocateXT extension for ArcGIS Pro can do this.  It can work with non-structured data such as a Word Doc and extract coordinates and other attributes out into a geodatabase point feature class. You can even build create custom attributes to only pull out certain things from your unstructured data.  Pretty interesting tool!

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Thanks. Locate XT looks like it will work. I will post back after I get an license and try it out.