Exporting single Raster datasets from a Raster Catalog

06-24-2013 08:27 AM
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Hi all.
I have a single raster catalog in which I'm storing 100's of images. I like this approach as I can add attributes to each image, where I can't do this if these images are stored in a workspace. I'm using this approach to then query down to a smaller number of 'interesting' images, I'm doing this in ArcCatalog. What I'd then like to be able to do is to add these selected rasters into the TOC in ArcView. You can do this by simply dragging and dropping; however once added to the TOC the original file name is lost and is pretty useless i.e. "Raster_Catalog\Raster.OBJECTID=3". Any ideas on how to preserve the 'real' name field from the Raster Catalog when you've brought it into ArcView, after all it's there in the attribute table within raster catalog?

Thanks in advance for any ideas
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I'm having a similar problem in that I'm trying to export raster datasets from a raster catalog but they are assuming the file names of the raster catalog itself so I get something like 'catalogname_1', 'catalogname_2' etc... I tried using parse path in model builder but I couldn't get it to pass the file names to the new output files.

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