Export Data not exporting full extent of layer

05-30-2012 12:20 PM
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Hi, I am trying to erase a portion of a raster layer using the Image Analysis windows Mask function, and then export the resulting image as a permanent layer.   I have run into 2 problems:

1. The exported image does not display the complete raster layer.  There is a portion of the bottom of the layer that does not draw.  I have included a screen shot of the temporary layer that shows the full extent, labeled "Full_Extent", of the layer.  And a screen shot of the exported layer, labeled "Not_Full_Extent",  that shows the layer with the bottom portion not drawn.

I need the exported layer to fully draw.  I have  tried increasing the extent in the Environments to include an area that is much bigger than the actual layer to ensure that the extent was not the problem, but it continues to not draw the complete layer.

2.  After executing several of these types of masks, suddenly the resulting layer does not draw at all anymore.  The masked layer appears in the TOC, but does not draw.  My workflow is thus: Highlight a polygon that represents the area to be erased, select the raster layer of interest in the Image Analysis Window, Click on the Mask icon.  This creates a temporary layer in the table of contents.  Then right-click on the temporary layer and Export Data, and add the layer to the map document.  This creates a permanent layer in the TOC, but the layer does not appear in the map document.

To reiterate, this workflow has been working fine, aside from the problem mentioned in 1., but then suddenly, it stopped drawing the exported layer. So I need to solve both problems, getting the permanent layer to draw at all, and getting it to draw the full extent of the layer.  I am using ArcGIS 10.  Any help is much appreciated...


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Anyone have any ideas?  Still Stuck...

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