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Excel to Table not functioning

07-03-2017 06:26 AM
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Hello! I am trying to convert an Excel file to Table. Worked last night, not anymore. No error code, see screenshot. Ideas?

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The error could be because of mismatched fields and data type. Make sure there is no space in the beginning of each FieldName, no space between FieldNames (for e.g. not Feature Name but Feature_Name). Make sure there are no annotations such as N/A in the field values especially if that field's data type is numeric.

If possible, show us a snapshot of your excel spreadsheet.    

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I just noticed your excel file is in xlsx format. Save the excel file in xls format. You should have no issues provided there are no mismatched fields and data types. 

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Additionally, field names cannot begin with a number.

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What version is your ArcMap?

Could you attach a sample of the excel sheet? I hope the table is simple, i.e., the first row of the excel contains the name of the fields, and no merged cells anywhere.

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