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Excel Pivot Table

07-27-2019 02:39 PM
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Are there any Excel pivot table experts out there? Example:

ID      School                                   City  

1.      Ball State University           Muncie

1.      Ball State University           New Castle

I have two records that have the same ID and school, but two different cities. I’d like for it to look like this (all on one line):

ID      School                           City1            City2

1.      Ball State University     Muncie       New Castle

I assume I need to use a pivot table, but can’t figure out how to get it onto the second column. 

You win if you can tell me how to do this! 

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In Excel insert pivot table with this table of data and use ID and School as Row variables and City as a column variable. Note there is a Pivot Table tool in ArcGIS that isn't as flexible as the Excel functionality but may be helpful to you inside the ArcGIS environment.

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