Error Message for Snap Tool

02-23-2014 11:41 AM
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I'm using 10.2.1 and trying to use the Toolbox Editing Snap Tool to snap the points in a point file to the nearest lines in a line file. I choose the point file for my Input Feature. When I choose my line file (it's listed in the drop-down menu) for the Snap Environment, I get the message "ERROR 000800 The value is not a member of END | VERTEX | EDGE."

Clicking on ERROR 000800 gives this message: "000800 : The value is not a member of <value>.

The keyword used is not a member of the list of acceptable keywords.

Alter the keyword used to a member of the list provided. For more information on what each keyword signifies, check the tool's help.

Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this for me.

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