Error Exporting Feature Class that has multiple attachments

07-29-2021 10:11 AM
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I have feature classes that have attribute rules assigned.  They also have attachments enabled using globalids;  When i have a feature class with multiple attachments (more than one record in the attachment table) and i try...

to export the feature class from the geodatabase using feature class to feature class tool with "maintain attachments" and "preserve globalids" the resulting exported feature class only has ONE record in the attachment table. 

If i try to copy and paste (which should maintain attachments) i get error 000260 "failed to copy multiple". 

If i try to export to xml workspace then i get error 999999 "__ATTACH could not be found".

Does not matter if the target export location is FGDB or another EGDB, still same issues. 

Only workaround that i have found is to publish the features as a feature service and use the service as the input for the feature class to feature class tool and magically all the attachments are shown in the exported layers..  this method does not currently fit my workflow since i need to script the export nightly and i run into issues when trying to use the feature service as an input to the script..

ESRI support cannot duplicate the error.. any help is greatly appreciated..

ArcPRO 2.8.1

Geodatabase 10.8.1

Oracle 12CR1

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I think that i discovered the issue with the error of attachment records failing to export: 

The source geodatabase is stored in ESRI Binary, and even though within ArcGIS the data field on the attachment table shows it as a BLOB, within Oracle that field is actually stored as LONG RAW. 

The target geodatabase is stored in ST_Geometry with BLOB data types as the storage type for the data field on the attachment tables.   SO... the conversion from LONG RAW to BLOB using the supplied feature class conversion tools in ArcGIS indeed does not "maintain attachments"..  

I tested converting the attachments from BLOB to LONG RAW and that seems to work fine without any attachment records being dropped but the other way from LONG RAW to BLOB is definitely causing an error leaving attachment records behind. 

So my next option is to upgrade the storage types for the LONG RAW fields and change those to BLOBs..  Since I am dealing with our production instance, I am going to have to schedule some time for that process. 


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