Error: ERROR 000520: Unexpected TopoEngine Error ----- Exporting Feature Classes to CAD

11-21-2023 12:30 PM
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I'm trying to export feature classes (tested shapefile too) to DGN and I keep receiving this error. I've tried exporting a smaller subset of features, moving them to a different database, and exporting as DWG. I've also tried checking and repairing geometry (there weren't any).

Error: ERROR 000520: Unexpected TopoEngine Error

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Did you create a featureclass in a locally stored file geodatabase as the source file?  It sometimes corrects geometry and/or topology issues.

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Yes all the data is local.

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Esri Technical Support - Error: 000520 : Unexpected TopoEngine Error (

 000520: Unexpected TopoEngine Error.—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

if still encounter issues then open a ticket with Esri Technical Support to investigate.

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