Entry of GPS points into File GDB feature class

04-13-2016 02:43 PM
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Hi folks,

I just recently started taking classes in GIS, and as soon as my colleagues found out they of course asked my to put my new skills to use. So, here I am creating a geodatabase for the first time on my own, and (suprise!) I need a hand.

The goal is to create a database containing two kinds of data on sightings of wild whales, dolphins and sea turtels. 1) they want to be able to visualize locations where an animal has stranded/washed-up/died. 2) they want to be able to track individual dolphins over time. I'm envisioning a file geodatabase with two feature datasets. First one will be for strandings, with a feature class for each species. Second one will be for tracking individual animals over time, with a new feature class for each individual. I think this is the best option; does this sound appropriate? Any suggestions?

Where I've hit my first wall is the entering of data. I'd like to be able to enter GPS coordinates several different ways into these existing FCs. First, from an uploaded table created in excel. Second, manually entering the gps coords of new records into the attribute table. And third, dropping a point on the map using the create feature tool.

Can I enter data all three ways into the same FC (preferably without intermediate tables), or am I asking for the impossible?

Thanks for the input,


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don't enter data manually, get DNRGPS Application: Minnesota DNR

which allows you to save data in a variety of formats and forms compliant with Arc* stuff etc.

Try to create as few feature classes as possible, some you have mentioned could be derived from other data.  There are a variety of extensions that you have available to you if you have the educational license... (check for the tracking analyst, it may or may not be licensed).

I have moved this to Managing Data​ to solicit a more targeted audience... GIS is too coarse-grained to be remotely useful..

On a side note, if this is an educational license, remember that strict conditions apply to its use (check with your admin person and/or course instructor... if they say there are none, they are wrong and get back to us).  Their exuberance is laudable, but remind them that the data are yours for educational purposes.

Useage link Esri Educational Site License - Permitted Uses.pdf