Editor Tracking shows different user names for the same person

03-21-2014 10:49 AM
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Our GIS environment:
ArcGIS 10.1.1, SDE on SQL Server Express 2008 r2.
Editor tracking was enabled on our geodatabase as soon as 10.1 was installed.
Windows authentication for database permissions.

The Probem:
I see inconsistencies in how the automatic tracking is recording user names in the fields for creator and editor. The format is always first initial last name, no spaces, but sometimes it logs the first characters as capitals (JDoe), other times the entry is all lower case (jdoe).  Some users always appears in the all lower case format, other people are always the mixed case, but for a couple of users the format varies from day to day.

Does anyone know where the tracking actually gets the user name?  Or how to enforce consistency? According to Esri's documentation, "For file and personal geodatabases edited with ArcGIS for Desktop clients, and ArcSDE geodatabases you connect to through operating system authentication, the user name written is the operating system login. The value used is set by the text typed by the user when he or she logs in."  Trust me, I always log on all lower case.

This isn't a big problem right now, but is definitely a pain when I need to filter data by users.

Jill Halchin
Southeast Archeological Center
National Park Service
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According to the description provided under "Specifying how user names are recorded" in the below link, this should not be occurring if your user is always using lower-case to login.

About tracking an editor's changes to data:

Maybe you can suggest them to try creating a new connection, just to check if the behaviour is reproduced.
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Thanks for the suggestion, Asrujit.  I always use the Database Servers connection in ArcCat to add data to my MXDs, then change to the version I need in the MXD.  Since we're using Window authentication, my credentials aren't saved in the MXD, so each day, the logon is refreshed.  I'll watch what happens over time as I use different MXDs to see if I can spot any other patterns.  This may be something odd about the network user settings.
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