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Cannot create or import feature classes

03-20-2014 04:12 PM
Regular Contributor
I am using ArcGIS 10.2.1 and SQL Server 2008 R2.

I am the db_owner of SQL Server Enterprise Geodatabase.

I have SQL Server Client 10.0 on my PC.

I cannot create or import any Feature Classes. I cannot figure out why.

I have attached the error message.
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Esri Esteemed Contributor
Hi Tim,

I would verify that the user you are connected as is added to the db_owner role for the database you are connecting to.  You can run the following query to do so:

USE [YourDatabase]
SELECT user_name([memberuid]) as [Username], User_Name([groupuid]) as [Role_Name]
FROM [sys].[sysmembers]
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I connected to the SQL Server Instance inside SQL Server Management Studio and found that under Database A - Security �?? Users �?? MyUserName �?? Database User - Role Membership, db_owner is not checked. As a matter of fact no boxes are checked at all. I tried to check db_owner but I get a message saying I do not have permissions to do this. Our IT Dept has permissions, I can ask them to "check the box". 

Database A = the database I am trying to figure out if I have db_owner role.

MyUserName = is my user account name

It appears that I am not the db_owner? this could be the reason why I cannot do anything other than make a connection to the database Instance inside ArcCatalog.

Note I am using the dbo schema (not sde).

You provided me the command line info, I believe I got the same info from SQL Server Management Studio.
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You don't really need the db_owner to create/load data in that sde geodatabase. The following permissions will suffice as well:

To check what permissions your login has right now,
Connect to the Instance in SQL Server-->R-Click on the database-->Permissions-->Select your user from the list-->Effective----This will list all the permissions that the login has on that database

User privileges for geodatabases in SQL Server:
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