Editor tracking and how user names are recorded

02-14-2018 05:05 PM
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Hi there,

I've noticed that when I enabled the editing tracking capability within the SDE geodatabase feature class, the names are recorded differently in the attribute table when edits are made in ArcGIS Desktop and on the web. For instance, when I create a feature through the web or say Collector for ArcGIS, it records it as first.last (john.thomas i.e). When I create a feature in ArcGIS Desktop, it is being recorded as FIRST.LAST (JOHN.THOMAS i.e), all caps. My operating Authetnication login is being used to make the connection to the SDE and my logins are all in lower cases.

I've read the following description through the help and it states that "For File and personal geodatabases edited with ArcGIS for Desktop clients, and ARcSDE geodatabases you connect to through operating system authentication, the user name written is the operating system login. The value used is set by the text typed by the user when he or she logs in. If he logs in as John, John writes as the user name. If the next day he logs in as john, john writes as the user name".

About tracking an editor's changes to data—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop 

Has anyone seen this before and also how can I correct this since both are being treated as unique values. 

Many thanks!

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when editing via desktop my domain creds are recorded "domain\username"- connecting via windows OS auth to SDE 

on AGOL the organization username is recorded "username@organization"