Edit on ArcGIS very slow. How to edit faster.

12-20-2019 01:50 AM
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Hi every body. 

We have map on arcgis 10.2.2, and Arc SDE 10.2.2  with some feature class(point, line, polygon). We use arcgis for water supply.

With feature class points (Water metters service): have 20.000 points, with about >10 fileds.

With feature class line (Main pipe): have 20.000 points, with ~10 fileds.

When ưe use to edit points( move, change, delete) really slow, but when we turn off this feature class point, it faster, and edit pipes, polygon is easier.

So anyone know, What can we do for edit faster? (Move point, edit pipes).

Thanks so much!

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The point file may affect the polygon edits if there is Snapping to it set in the editing environment. If you can, try turning off snapping (I don't remember how to do this in 10.2).  Also, is this a Network Analyst feature? That could slow things down too.

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Thanks for relly. 

We are company water supply so database is Network Analyst feature.

And i turning off snapping, so it still slow.

I think about software 3rd. Or compress file. Thanks again.

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