Personal geodatabase issue...missing records.

12-27-2019 03:38 PM
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Hi, can someone help me identify the source of this problem please? Each month I consolidate data in an .mdb and share it on a network drive.  The .mdb is way short of the personal geodatabase max limits and we have been using this method for years with no problems until the last 2 months. Now we are getting intermittent "failed to connect to database and unrecognized database format" errors.  Our staff are working on various versions of ArcMap desktop from 10.3 to 10.7. The .mdb was in 9.2 and I have upgraded it but there are missing records when I try to export it. The upgrade did not seem to help but I've tried export to shape, .gdb, etc. but always get the same number of records upon export with a significant number missing. There are some old posts about repairing this in Access. Is this still the case? Anyone have any other ideas? I also have read where there might be some MS 32-bit vs Arc 64-bit conflicts but I need to retrieve the data from the .mdb. Thank you!

Kristal Walsh, Florida Fish and Wildlife
Office of Conservation Planning
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