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10-29-2013 01:05 PM
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I am trying to use the Spatial Adjustment / Edge Snap to join the edges of 2 simple line feature classes.

End snapping is active and the snap tolerance is larger than the gaps between the lines at view scale.

The "Edge Match Tool" does not create any displacement links when I drag a box over the gaps between lines.

Any hints to get this to work?  Sample ArcMap doc and file geodatabase attached

The edgematch dataset provided with the 10.1 tutorial data works perfectly for me, but I cannot get it to work on my own data.

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I had same issue and thought the workaround.

Would you try it.

  1. Open [Editing Option] dialog. (Editor toolbar -> Editor menu -> Options)
  2. Check "Use classic snapping" and close the dialog.
  3. Open [Classic Snapping Options] dialog. (Editor toolbar -> Editor menu -> Options)
  4. Change the tolerance to 10 pixel(or larger) and close the dialog.
  5. Try [Edge match tool] tool again.

I was able to work correctly with your data.


Once as long as it sets the classic snap, edge match tool will operate normally in the map document.

Thank you.

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