Distribute points on building facades

07-02-2014 05:00 AM
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Hello everyone,

does somebody know a way to distribute points over building facades in ArcGIS similiar to the intervisibility 3D Analyst / CityEngine demo that you should find here: http://video.esri.com/watch/1662/3d-analyst-feature-and-volumetric-analysis? (Because the site was not reachable when i wrote the message, i am not sure if the link is correct.)
In the demo they use CityEngine to generate these sample points. I tried to do the same by importing my shape file into CityEngine but i didn't find the panel option in the inspector. (maybe pretty naive but i dont know much about CityEngine :D)

My best idea is to do several intersections with rectangles with different z values to get line features representing the outline of the building on different heights. Then i use the generate random points tool with a high max points parameter to generate nearly evenly distributed points on the lines. (I cant get it to work in ModelBuilder though because of a problem with the the "Layer 3D to Feature Class" tool when running it on a layer that was not added to the display before. For this, I will probably open another thread.)

Does anyone have some ideas?
Thanks for every answer.
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