Determining the version of a File Geodatabase?

03-01-2011 11:24 AM
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I have a remote user who can't connect to a file geodatabase he downloaded (FTP) from another agency.  The fgdb is 66 GB so he can't send it to me.  When he tries to open it in ArcGIS 9.3 he gets a "Failed to connection to databse" error.  Is there a way we can tell if the fgdb is version 10 without version 10 desktop?
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Right click on FGDB in ArcCatalog and look at the properties of it, it should say what version it is...
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I just used 9.3.1sp2 and 10.0sp1 to create empty file geodatabases, and the directory
contents are very different (10.0 has nearly double the number of files, most of them
with a ".atx" suffix). What does a 'dir/t' of the *.gdb directory show?

Even if the layout is nominally 9.3, it's still very possible that FTP transfer could have
corrupted the binary files with ASCII translation or a transient transmission error.

- V
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