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Deleting Feature Class from Dataset

03-09-2020 06:09 AM
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I am running into a peculiar situation and cannot figure out what is causing this error. I have an oracle backed SDE with number of Datasets; each dataset containing number of feature classes. Since I inherited this SDE I am in the process of cleaning and re-organizing all the data layers. However, I am running into an issue when deleting the feature classes within the Datasets.

Any feature class I delete from the Dataset reappears, not in the original Dataset but in the main SDE Database. Does anyone know why this would be and how would I overcome this?

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Can you post a screenshot of 'before and after' so we can see what things look like from a Catalog view?  I'm wondering if there is a permissions issue where the records referencing the object class are being purged from the SDE tables but the table itself is not being deleted at the database level.  In other words, you may be logically deleting the reference to the object class according to SDE but not physically deleting the table from Oracle.  

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