Data Replication

10-23-2014 10:01 AM
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What is the best way to replicate the data between clients?

Both client database will not have access to each other. We tried the option ‘Geodata service Replication’. But we stuck with the limitation of Sync failed if you have more that 1000 deletes‌ in either of the databases (see blow link).

Other than ‘Geodata service replication’, what would be the best approach to handle the two-way replication between the databases?  My thoughts are export the data from Geodata service to GDB and import it. Script it out the whole process and schedule it nightly.

Is there any elegant way to handle it other then esri replication?

We are using ArcGIS Desktop 10.2

Client1: sql server SDE 2008r2

Client2: Oracle SDE  11g 64-bit database



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Choose one db as source db. Once a day create a checkout (export data to filegdb) send it to the other gdb. Than at the end of the day send checkout back to first db and synchronize. Afterwards you start the circle again.

Python script which runs in defined interval would be way to go.

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That Bug is only at Desktop 10.2. It has been fixed at 10.3.

Also you can use an older version of Desktop (10.0 SP5, 10.1 SP1) to synchronize the changes.

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