Data Management Tools : Tile Cache builds the old, unimproved version one cache format

02-01-2016 03:29 PM
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Hi Peoples,

I note in the What’s New in 10.3 that ArcGIS Server creates a compact cache in an improved format.  This was achieved by including the tile index information (.bundlx files) inside the .bundle files.

So … when I use the

Data Management Tools > Tile Cache > Mange Tile Cache

Tool to build a cache from an MXD, I was surprised to see the format is the old cache format, as opposed to the new cache format.

One can also see this in the conf.xml file associated with the cache:

This is when a cache is created in ArcGIS Server:


This is from the cache created in Desktop:


After discussion with esri support in Australia and the US the final response was:

I have spoken my tech lead on this matter, and currently there are no plans to adopt the new cache format into the Desktop Manage Tile Cache tools.


So now we have one platform that creates two incompatible cache tile formats, with no plans to change. 





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