Create replica without replicating related data

11-23-2018 05:54 AM
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I am creating a check out replica using the Create Replica tool. The Replicate Related Data parameter is not performing how I would expect. I am trying to create a replica of a feature class that has feature linked annotations. I do not want the annotations or relationship classes to exist in the replica, so I chose DO_NOT_GET_RELATED for the Replicate Related Data parameter. My check out gdb, however, still contains the annotations and relationship classes. What am I not understanding about this parameter?

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Hi Jill,

I have been working on a similar scenario and wanted to let you know of my findings so far.

Based on my testing, it appears that using the 'DO_NOT_GET_RELATED' options for replicas is only applicable for related tables within the geodatabase. The tables still are replicated, but the rows are not carried over with this option. I expanded my testing by using the 'expand_feature_classes_and_tables' variables and I believe this may provide the solution you desire.

Using the 'DO_NOT_ADD' option for this variable does not carry over any of the related feature classes or tables. Using the 'ADD_WITH_SCHEMEA_ONLY' option brings over the related feature classes but does not bring over the records within.

Create Replica—Help | Documentation 

I hope this helps and will let you know if I come across some additional information.



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