Create Replica from Server Fails with Error 000775

07-30-2013 11:02 AM
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I'm receiving an error message when running the Create Replica From Server Geoprocessing tool.  The Error message is ERROR 000775: Replica with the same name already exists.  I keep getting this error message even when I use a different name for the replica.  I've also gone into SQL server and removed any orphaned replica versions.  The replica I'm trying to create is a two-way replica using 10.1 sp1.  I've been able to create other two-way replica's using this geoprocessing tool.  What is ArcCatalog or SQL server holding onto that thinks this replica already exists.  It's not showing up in the Manage replica window.

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A couple ideas for you to try:

Esri told me this once:

If you think you have an orphaned replica version then the way to find
out which one it is is to synchronize all replicas and then delete them
in ArcCatalog, then compress.

Next check the SDE.Versions table in SQL Server. If there are any
versions called something like sync_send_xxx then these are orphans. To
delete these orphans change the status flag from 16777216 to 33554433.
This will make the version visible in ArcCatalog version manager. From there you can delete it and run a compress again.

Also here is a sql script to find replicas:

-- put in database name
use databasename ;
select i.objectid, from sde.GDB_ITEMS i join dbo.GDB_ITEMTYPES  it on it.uuid = i.type where = 'Replica' order by 1  ;

-- compare results above with the following

select, v.state_id from sde.sde_versions v order by ;


Hope this leads you in the right direction.
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