Create get GRID in Lat Lon for 0.1 degree raster

08-27-2021 02:58 AM
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I have seen the Grid from ESRI:

What I need is a similar grid with a finer grained grid. 0.1 degree resolution. Gues there is no download for this?

Does anyone have a clue how to create this? NOT for a layout! That I found, I need the dataset! 

I have tried the Grid tool in AGD but it seems difficult and I don't have the correct template for the grids I need.

Thank you Carsten

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That is for world level mapping

Create Fishnet (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

will enable you to produce grids at a finer resolution

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With the caveat that generating (10x10x180x360 = ) 6,480,000 fishnet polygons is going to take a while, and be ugly to work with, and won't intrinsically have the multi-level encoding available in the referenced resource.  It's also likely to have awful draw performance for most possible uses, so much so that generating 100 subcell polygons for each degree tile organized in UTM zone slices using an arcpy.da.InsertCursor would be probably be worth the effort.

- V

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