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08-10-2017 07:25 AM
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I am creating an easement shape file.  I downloaded it from NCED, so it has specific fields already populated.  Some I will keep and some I will delete. The reason for this is because I administer the CAUV program for the county.  So I need to reset land values so they comply with lands that enter into a Conservation Easement.  My ultimate goal is to make the shape information searchable in the recorders site so if anyone needs to find easement information they can just look into the fields and pull up the recorded information.

I was going to add the county, township/village that each parcel is located in.  My thought was I would have a drop down for each field with the 25 township/villages and our county it is located in with the easements outside or abutting our county listed also.  So the surrounding county's would have a drop down also with 6 of them listed.

I am running into errors occurring.  I attempted this via creating a domain name for the field, setting properties (text and coded values) and entering the coded values manually one at a time.  Then I received a message that my values were not compatible with the domain.  I am stuck.  Getting ready to start over.  But this is frustrating, I feel like I don't know the steps to take.  Not using GIS often anymore I don't remember them either.

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I assume that your data is stored as a featureclass in a File Geodatabase, since shapefiles do not support domains.  If you want to implement the drop down list while editing then indeed domains are the way to go (A quick tour of attribute domains—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS Desktop ). In case you have a field indicating inside or outside your county and you want the village field to present the corresponding list, then subtypes  (A quick tour of subtypes—Help | ArcGIS Desktop ) would be the way to do this. 

If you do not want to offer this type of editing to a set of user, but only searching for a way to assign a county / village to each parcel, then there are other ways to populate these values using analysis like Intersect—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

If you are willing to share the data, I can have a look what is possible.

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Does your data reside in a database? If so, what type?  If order for domains to be applied to a field properly, both the field type and the domain type must match (Text | Text, Integer | Integer). 

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