Crashes while editing topology 10.0 (build 2800)

07-21-2011 12:34 PM
New Contributor
I keep getting continuous crashes while editing census tracts (using no overlap, no gaps topology).  The errors occur when scrolling in any direction (using the Pan tool), and seem to go away if I de-frag my entire hard drive.  Every time an error occurs I de-frag (I have a pretty low capacity hard drive here at work), and then the errors do not occur for several hours (previously, they were occuring every 10 minutes) but if I do not de-frag they occur continuously and make editing almost impossible.

One more thing:  the de-frag utility seems to get "stuck" on the .cache file for arcmap for long tracts of time, and then when it gets past that file it goes rapidly.. not sure, but this seems like some sort of chaching error.

The .dmp is attached; installed patches

Split custom features w/ relationship propagation patch
SP1 load objects command patch
Fetching rows and fields using java patch
SP1 active tool patch
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