copy paste function 10.3.1 not working

06-11-2015 09:16 AM
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Upgraded to 10.3.1: during edit session the right click-copy works but the right click paste is not active when attempting to paste.  Others in the office have the same issue.  We manage to work around this, but with a slower method.  Restoring this function would be a great help.

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Hi Gary,

Make sure the Copy_layer and paste_layer are having the same workspace.

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Hey Gary. make sure you have the workspace that contains your target layer set as your current workspace under geoprocessing environment settings.

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could you elaborate on your workaround, since it may reveal the source of the problem

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After copying the feature/s, try deselecting (clicking off) the feature/s you are copying, then right clicking again- Does the paste option come up then?

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I was using this function just yesterday to copy some CAD Polylines into a geodatabase....the workflow in my 10.3.1 is this:

1. Start an editing session with the DESTINATION layer or workspace.

2. Using the Edit Tool, select the SOURCE feature to be copied.

3. Right-click, copy.

4. Left-click on the map document to deselect all features.

5. Right-click Paste.

6. Select appropriate Layer from drop down list (if applicable in your feature dataset) to create feature in the destination workspace.

7. Click OK.

(8. Edit attributes per usual)

Hope that helps,


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I can confirm this is a BUG!  The workaround as some have suggested is to: DESELECT features, SELECT features AGAIN, CLICK COPY button AGAIN and doing this the second time WILL enable the PASTE button. I copy and paste features all the time and I already count on the fact that clicking COPY the first time will NOT enable the PASTE button. Knowing this will save you some time in case you have a complex selection query because you will need to clear the selection click on the map, make your selection again, etc, etc.

Quite annoying.

If you need to convert any selection on scree to a query and place it on the windows clipboard instantly so that you just paste and run that query again you can try my "Make Query from Selection" Addin:

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Yes,  I have seen this behavior many time in 10.3.  I was considering an upgrade to 10.3.1 hoping to solve this very issue but I see now that there is no point to do the upgrade.

Thanks for posting the (time consuming) workaround.

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Yep, I have had this happen as well and repeating the process seems to work.

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