Converting from Lat Long to UTM in Excel

08-09-2021 07:01 AM
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I have Excel spreadsheets that happen to have mixed x y coordinates. Some records are in Lat Long and other are in UTM NAD83 (Zone17). This happens often with teh data I get back from my client. I can't change what they are doing. So I need to convert it. 

I would like to keep the data in Excel and not have to pop it in and out of ArcGIS to do the conversions, because I do have to return eh data to them in Excel format.

Does anyone have a macro or some sort of batch processor that will allow be to convert from Lat Long to UTM with my conversion NAD83(Zone17)? 



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There is not simple conversion.  Changing between the two requires a  "projection" of coordinates.

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Thanks. Yeah, I know, but after digging around, I found a spreadsheet  template with the conversions calculations all set, so I just have to type or copy and  paste the data into it.  thanks for getting back to me.

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This is  a projection issue, not a conversion.  I wouldn't trust a spreadsheet that had this built in, your results will not be right.    UTM coordinates are a projection, lat/long are not projected.