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11-20-2013 12:58 PM
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Hi there,
I have two 16-bit 5-band mosaicked RapidEye satellite image. I want to use the image classfication toolset in Arcmap, but know the training sample histogram and scatterplots only work with 8-bit images. I need to clip the image to a park boundary shapefile and then get it in 8-bits. I've tried:
1) Clip and then Export to Raster with Forced RGB and Renderer boxes checked
2) The reverse order of 1
3) Clip and then Copy Raster to 8-bit
4) The reverse order of 3

If I finish with conversion to 8-bit, I get:
a) purely black and white, with black footprints and white pixels where there should be data
b) all black, including footprints and the pixels where there should be data

If I finish with the clip, I can eliminate the footprints, but I get an all black image.

The most maddening part is this worked for 1 of the 2 mosaics. I have no clue what I did differently. They images come from the same supplier and were processed the same way. Only difference is they were taken 1 month apart.

How can I end up with an 8-bit image clipped to the shapefile of the park boundary? Much thanks.
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