Compare fields' values from time-stamp data based on location or measured distance as a reference

05-24-2021 04:33 AM
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I need to compare features values from two datasets that collected every 5 years. So, if dataset A contains set of features and dataset B (which was collected after 5 years) contains other set of features, I would like to compare the % value changes (increase, or remain the same) of these features. The challenge is that there is no  unique reference for each these points. The only reference are their locations based an offset measured from a common start point. However, the measuring can introduce error due to the time difference and accuracy of performing the measurement. So of a feature from dataset A is measured located away by 50.4 m form the a common feature, the same point  can be measured from dataset B with error +/-  (e.g. 49.2 or 53.6). This even also varies as the error is not consistent.   

Any recommendations.

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