Clipping my zoning feature class creates odd behavior

03-26-2020 02:33 PM
by Anonymous User
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I have clipped my city's zoning layer to a defined boundary for a map display. The problem is very odd in that all of the zones display normally except for one residential zone. If I put my parcel layer above the newly clipped zoning layer the parcels show over all of the the zones except for that one residential zone. It is as if that one zone is a layer all its own, but it is not. It also happens when I turn on the boundary of the clipped area. The line disappears behind that one residential zone, but is correct for all of the other zones. This goes against everything I expect from ArcMap.

I am using ArcMap 10.4.1 on Windows 10. I have done this process many times for this project with the same result each time, but it has never occurred on previous projects like this. I'm kind of on a time crunch and hoping someone is still at work to get this question.

See attached Word doc with clips from map.

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