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classify rasta

10-31-2015 01:45 AM
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I've got a satellite Picture and I've classified it:

Now I'd like to create a single layer for each class (kurz, mittel, lang). I've tried to use the raster calulator, but I don't know how to export the classes.


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in generic terms..

gridname  equals class  (mygrid = someclass)

then save the result as usual

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Hello Charlotte,

Let's say the GridValue of kurz = 1, mittel = 2 and lang = 3

Then, in Raster Calculator,

For Kurz raster dataset,

("value" = 1)

For mittel raster dataset,

("value" = 2)

For lang raster dataset,

("value" = 3)

N.B.: The above expressions should be written in 3 different instances, NOT as a single expression.

Let us know if your requirement is different.

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Make sure you use == in Raster Calculator. For example, "YourRaster" == 1

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What are you going to do with the layers?  This may help us give you a better answer.

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Here are a couple of different Rasta classifications I found with a google search:

Image result for rasta

Image result for rasta

Image result for rasta

That should just about do it....