Cannot find raster-catalog

03-03-2014 06:53 AM
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Hello there,

not sure if this question has been answered several times - my Forum search didn´t help solve my problem. I´m a beginner btw.

I have a given raster-catalog with several hundred images. I only need a small area of it though and used the clip function to only show relevant parts. Unfortunately this is only a graphical success since the data/images are still within my raster-catalog when I look at the attribute table.

How can I create a new raster-catalog that only contains the relevant pictures?

And why does the raster-catalog not show up when I try to use the function "copy raster catalog items"? I tried to drag and drop the catalog but it´s not working.

P.S. I tried the "export graphic" function but it´s not satisfactory.
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