can't delete a GRID?

03-03-2014 08:22 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am unable to delete a GRID.  When I try, I get a pop-up box:

[INDENT]Delete Failed
Failed to deleted selected object(s)
Failed to open raster dataset[/INDENT]

It is equally unsuccessfull in ArcCatalog and from ArcCatalog pane within ArcMap. 


I had a process run overnight that is supposed to result in the creation of a new grid.  The process has worked fine on 9 or 10 previous operations.  The only thing different this time around was a search radius value (which occurred within a range of previous, successfully employed values).  This morning there was a message notifying me that the operation had not run properly.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a screen shot and the operation does not show in my "Results" pane/history.  When I try to add the GRID to a map, I receive a pop-up error:

[INDENT]Raster Data Objects Error
Invalid raster dataset.  Failed to create raster layer.[/INDENT]

I want to delete the corrupt file and re-run the process b/c my file naming convention is sequential and includes the search radius.

I'm reluctant to delete from Windows Explorer as I don't want to corrupt the INFO files and my other grids in the directory.  Aside from copying the files I want to keep to another directory, then deleting the entire existing directory, does anyone have any suggestions?

I am running v10.0 SP4 with a full ArcINFO license.  The processing inputs are also GRIDs and no files are associated with any type of geodatabase.

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