Calibrate Routes: Dropping Endpoints on Calibrated Route Lines

06-18-2014 01:24 PM
New Contributor
I am Re-Calibrating a route so that the route will have M-Values based on Mile Post values, rather than M-Values based on the ShapeLength of the line itself. When I do so using some Mile Post locations (not even numbered values; ex. 12.52351), the tool creates a Calibrated Feature Class, but chops of the ending vertex of each line. This is leaving an outrageous number of gaps over a relatively small stretch of the routed feature (800 gaps over 200 miles). I was hoping someone out there could help me with a way to Snap only endpoints of the lines to either another line feature in the same feature class or a point feature. A regular snap won't work because some of the newly created gaps are larger than the gap from the line feature to its nearest other feature, creating even more issues. Any and all help appreciated.
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