Calculation of the area of visibility of the observer - ArcMap

12-05-2019 12:04 PM
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I want to calculate the surface area of observer's visibility which stands on the observation deck and looks towards the Institute of Physics. The observer is a black point, Institute of Physics outlined in blue pen. Observation deck at height 233,440002(meters above sea level), the observer's height is 1,8 meters,  so the analysis is from a height of 235,240002 (meters above sea level). The observer's spatial view angle is 130 degrees, and I would like Institute of Physics to be located approximately in the middle of this angle, because the observer is looking straight at this Institute. As a result of the analysis, I would like to get the calculated surface area within the observer's visibility range, and the calculated surface area that is out of the visibility range. 

What tools to use in arcmap and what parameters to enter? thanks

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