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Calculating Population weighted value of air pollution

04-08-2024 02:55 AM
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Hello. I have a shapefile (polygon) containing subdistrict data, including population numbers. I also have another shapefile (points) containing Air Quality Monitoring Station data, including pollutant concentration. Let's say there are 40 subdistricts and 5 monitoring stations. I want to know the inverse distance-square weighted concentration from each of the 5 monitoring stations to each of the 40 subdistricts. So it's like obtaining a representative concentration for each subdistrict by averaging the value from those 5 monitoring stations but with some distance-weighting factor. 

In the end, I want to calculate the population-weighted concentration to obtain the overall concentration to represent the study area.

It would be very helpful if anyone can help me solve it since I've spent times to do it but have no idea.

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