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05-19-2016 12:36 PM
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Is there a way to change the values in the "created_user" field after a record has been added?  I did a mass import to a feature class and the created user is the data owner and schema name "General".  I'd like to change it to a person's name or actually multiple people based on another field.  The field calculator won't let me change the values and I can't do it in SQL Server or at least I haven't been successful yet at doing that.

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Are you getting an error message using the field calculator? Did you enclose the name in quotes? "Some Name" What is the field type of the field? String, Long, Short

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The field is not editable in ArcGIS.  I'm looking for a way to do a 1 time update to the field based on the values in another field.  I have the users' names in another field that I'd like to place into the "created_user" field.  It is a Text field that is automatically added when enabled on the feature class.

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Did you actually solve this problem?

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Hi. Seen this question up and even though the original one is old and probably solved I will reply to you Linnart.

What I tried and seems to be working fine:

1. Enable the Editor Tracking

2. Disable it (once is enabled the 4 fields are created and not deleted)

3. Once disabled, You can modify the created user (with field Calculator, copy/paste from another field, or on by one)

4. When you are ready and finished the editing, in Catalog go to the properties of the feature: "Editor Tracking" Tab

5. Click on Enable editor tracking and here choose all the fields accordingly (please note that you can use even a text field created by you: i have created "Created_User_Custom"). Set all fields and Time, Apply, OK, and you should be fine.

Let me know

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