CAD Map Pages versus ArcMap Data Driven Pages

06-18-2014 01:17 PM
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I just recently converted two whole CAD books in ArcMap for a client and the only issue that I seem to be having is getting the data driven pages to match up exactly to the CAD book pages. I understand that what is displayed in the layout is scale driven in ArcMap. I have looked through the forums from time to time and haven't been able to find much. Any suggestions?
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Did you set your page extent to 100% of the polygon feature that "drives" your page? ("Set Up Data Driven pages" dialog --> Extent tab)
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Also ensure that the extent of your new page (in cm/inches) is the same as your old CAD layout (i.e. if the borders are larger or smaller then the extent will be slightly different too, even if the scale is the same)
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