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Caching a color balanced mosaic; patchy color balanced bundles

12-05-2013 03:19 AM
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Hi Everyone,

I'm working on color balancing and caching a map service of MrSID imagery in 10.0, but I'm running into some strange color balancing issues:

I completed a first order, dodging color balance on my mosaic, then saved, published and cached my MXD. When I view the cached map service, the color balance wasn't applied to all of the tiles at all of the levels. So, when I zoom in and out of the map service, the color balance switches on and off (see attached screen shots).

I also experience weird issues while panning around on the color balanced mosaic dataset (while not in the cached service), but not the same issues as when viewing the map service. E.g. while panning through the MD after the color balancing, some tiles will turn whiter/blacker (or disappear) with each pan & refresh.

Any advice, tips, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

All of the rasters have the same MinPS,MaxPS, LowPS and HighPS values.
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Original User: sm970mn

Does anyone have tips/suggestions on best practices for which combination of Default Mosaic methods/parameters/operator to use prior to color balancing to get the most coherent looking color balance (e.g. Seamline/by attribute, first/blend)?

I'm working with an MD derived from other source MDs that have been color balanced (internally) but there are major discrepancies between them that are a problem in the derived MD I'm using for a basemap. I've been experimenting with various combinations of mosaic methods and color balancing, but I've yet to have a good result. Many of them seem to make the color balance worse (e.g. tiles that were from the same source mosaic, and matched each other originally, will no longer match after I run the Color Balance)... although the overall tonality of the derived MD will be more balanced.

I'm getting close to giving up on color balancing, atleast until I have access to other imagery software (as recommended on another thread).

thanks for any help/suggestions,
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