Bad quality point symbology after printing/exporting.

05-31-2014 09:16 AM
by Anonymous User
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Original User: khostomsky

Dear all,
I have a very annoying problem. I thought with the last step wont be any problems, but I was wrong 😞

I am working on a static map using point symbology representation. Just for better imagination, I am trying to map several types of firms. For example agriculture - circle, manufacturing - triangle, services - square, some conbination of them - pentagon, other combination - hexagon, etc..

Because I set the placement of the firms (symbols) by geocoding of adresses, many of them were overlapping. To avoid/fix this, I use the Disperse Markers tool, (ArcToolbox->Cartography tools->Cartographic refinement->Disperse Markers) which is great and makes the map clear, with no loss of content (visible clusters, etc.). The problem is that the Disperse Markers tool needs to convert the original layer into Representation, and after the converting, the graphic quality of the point symbols (Character marker symbols) became unusably poor. The only type of symbols where the quality remains good is Simple marker symbols, but there are only 5 types of styles (Circle, Square, Cross, X and Diamond) which is for my needs very few.

Could you please help me, how to treat the quality question of the Character marker symbols or how could I add more shapes into the Simple marker symbols?

I try to attach two exports, to show the loss of quality, please ignore the overlapping.

Thank you in advance!
Best regards,
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