Attribute table field values change when converting event to shape file

12-02-2014 03:28 PM
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I tried to convert an Event to a shape file and when doing so, I noticed that the 2 tables I had Joined by a common numeric field, contained completely different numbers that did not match the original excel table.  All the other data fields matched up, but for some reason the common field i used for the join had totally different numbers than the original excel table.

The common join field now had duplicate values that did not match the original file.

Anyone know what could be the reason for this and how to fix it?

Ive pasted both attribute tables below to show the mismatch in the numbers.

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Try right-clicking the shapefile and selecting Table Attributes.

Then right click the column heading and select Properties.

It's easy to miss, but in the Properties dialog box, there is an ellipsis (...).

Click the ellipsis and make sure the numbers are doubles, not General.

My guess is that this is your problem.

If 5806 were a decimal, i.e. 58.06, and I wanted to round it up to the nearest 10s, it would be 58.1.

But what if it were rounded up, but I still wanted it to have 2 decimal places. It would be 58.10 i.e. 5810


My hypothesis, therefore, is that you have a problem with your number formatting in the original data.

Because the numbers are formatted as General, when you shazam them into a shapefile, they are rounded up.

Or it could be something else...

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