Attribute Assistant - Generate_ID - Rolls over after more than 1000 features and keeps going

04-30-2015 06:47 AM
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Hi there,


I am trying to populate a Facility ID in a feature class that has 7000+ features using Attribute Assistant and Generate_ID as the value method. This works great if I manually select less than 1000 features and run the create rules for selected features.  As soon as I select 1001 features or more and run the create rules for selected features, the rule starts over again and continues generating facility ID's in a sequence.  It will eventually stop.   


Here is the Value Info:  swInlet|4|SWIN-[seq]

On create = True

On Change (attribute) = False

On Change (geometry) = False

Manual Only = False


Before I attempt to rerun I change the Sequence Counter in the GenerateID table back to 0.


The good news - I have already run the rules and created the Facility ID's less than 1000 at a time so my feature class is populated and I can move on.


I just want to know why it is doing this...




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Was this ever answered?  I'm working on similar issue with 5600+ records and it would help to know how best to proceed before I begin using the create rules.

Thank you,


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Hi Tamara,

It has been a while since I worked on this and we did manage to fix it.

Let me dig around and see if I can find the answer.

If not, I can connect you to my ESRI rep who may be able to help.


Jessica Gooch

Water Resources Asset Manager

City of Portland, ME



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Hi Tamara,

This may be a case of better late than never...

Here is the resolution that we came up with during my support case with ESRI

"Issue is reproducible hence log the following bug. The workaround for this issue is to manually select records(click on the first record, hit SHIFT key, then click on the last record) instead of using Switch Selection button.
BUG-000087803 : ID generated for versioned data stored in the SQL Server geodatabase using Attribute Assistant tool cycled twice if the data contains over thousands records."

Not sure if that is helpful to you.


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