ArcSde Reconcile Problem. Please Help

10-23-2013 02:51 AM
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Dear All,,

i have be working on attaching building images using the attachment ability in Gis v.10 via ORACLE v.11 the problem is:

After few days i remember that i didn't do any reconcile function and i tired to do but all i have is a pop up error box with the following text " The version could not be reconciled. Underlying DBMS error [ORA-00001: unique constraint (SDE.A23_PK) violated] {SDE.LANDS_USE]
How can i fix it & Backup the building feature with the attached Images ?


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Try to Reconcile after removing the attachment. Take a copy of the data and keep it on your local drive before you remove the attachment from the database.

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Once you get your geodatabase stable again, you really ought to take the effort
to re-implement using best practices --

  1. Create a tablespace to store geodata

  2. Create a user to own geodata (with DEFAULT TABLESPACE in the new tablespace)

  3. Transfer all the geodata owned by SDE into new tables owned by the owner user

  4. (stored in the new tablespace)
  5. If you haven't been doing them already, institute a regular backup mechanism

  6. (what I tell myself is, "If you don't have reliable backups, you never really cared
    about the data the backup would have protected").
Among the benefits will be reduced possibility of corruption of the geodatabase
due to SDE tablespace overfill.

- V
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