ArcSDE 10 on AIX install problem "symbol resolution failed"

10-07-2010 12:43 PM
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Hoped to throw this at tech support but the person in our organization authorized to do that is out of town for a few more days...

System administrator is attempting to install ArcSDE 10 on AIX 6.1/Oracle 11.2. Watched her go through the Oracle SDE install guide and she doesn't appear to be skipping anything. We get to SDESETUP and the following:

sdesetup -o install -d ORACLE11G -u sde -l $SDEHOME/etc/att2lhsg.dat
Enter DBA password:

ESRI ArcSDE Server Setup Utility Thu Oct 7 16:41:03 2010
Error: 0509-130 Symbol resolution failed for /local_apps/esri/sde10_oracle11g/sdeexe100/lib/ because:
0509-136 Symbol fc_softc (number 94) is not exported from
dependent module /usr2/oracle/11201/lib/
0509-022 Cannot load module /local_apps/esri/sde10_oracle11g/sdeexe100/l
0509-026 System error: Cannot run a file that does not have a valid form
0509-192 Examine .loader section symbols with the
'dump -Tv' command.
Connection to sde failed(0)

Error creating ArcSDE direct connection (-1)

I don't know what that means, but if it jogs someone's memory "well it is clear you should have ..." that would be great - otherwise we'll phone Tech Support next week.

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