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ArcGIS Server for Home / ArcSDE for Home educational-use programs

06-28-2014 01:59 AM
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Since there's now an ArcGIS Desktop for Home Use program (full "ArcInfo" license level, or whatever they call it these days), would be terrific if Esri would provide a similar offering for ArcGIS Server / ArcSDE. If you agree, please vote here:

Offer ArcGIS Server for Home / ArcSDE for Home educational-use programs (900 votes but not even Under Consideration):

Here's a reboot of the Idea:
ArcGIS Server for Home / ArcSDE for Home use (in the Cloud)

Vote up both if you like.

In the absence of such things, how does one learn the most recent versions of these technologies if one does not currently use it in the workplace / have access to install media via an Enterprise License Agreement?

With ArcGIS Server / SDE certification programs in place, and presumably paid training that supports certification, wondering what the mechanism is for students to learn ArcGIS Server / SDE.

Vince, if this isn't the appropriate forum to ask such questions, please direct me to another.
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Esri Esteemed Contributor
First, I'd point out that "SDE" no longer exists. The certifications are for
Enterprise Geodatabase Management, which is way more than ArcSDE.

Second, certification prerequisites include several years of professional
experience -- this is not something that even the most dedicated hobbyist
could achieve in under twenty years, so it cannot be effectively used as
justification to lobby Esri to give away server software.

Third, generous software evaluation programs already exist for software
evaluation by organizations (who would presumably have the means to
afford server-class technology), so I doubt those who make the decisions
on such things will be swayed to offer the same to individuals (who
presumably wouldn't).

- V
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Good counterpoints Vince, thanks for your input.

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