ArcGIS Desktop and SQL SMS not seeing the same values

02-21-2014 07:51 AM
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I have 2 Enterprise Databases

Database 1 is a replica (1 way) to Database 2
I go in and make changes (attribute updates) to Database 1.  Save the edits and synchronize the databases.
I load in the data from Database 2 to make sure that the changes are there.  And they are present.

Now I switch over to SQL Server Mgmt Studio and query Database 1 OR Database 2 and the updates are not present.

Any Ideas?

10.1 database
SQL 2008
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Reconcile/Post all the versions(if you have any) and then COMPRESS the sde geodatabase. This should reflect the changes in the tables at the database end.

HowTo:  Compress a versioned database to state 0:

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And while you're on it, you may as well consider reading some of the links regarding versioning and data management in a ESRI Geodatabase that I pointed out in this post in another thread, so as to really start understanding it.

Especially the 2004 ESRI Versioning Whitepaper linked there is highly recommended reading, despite it's age.
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