Arc SDE -Database Connection failed

08-28-2011 06:38 AM
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Hello everyone

i need clarifcation regarding Arc SDE server instalation.

My system requirements.
windows 7 hOME Premium
64-Bit operating system
Sqlserver express R2 ( both windows and sql authentication)

1) I have installed Arc SDE Server intial part.
2) Then when i am installing Arc SDE server post wizard installation part, its getting error.

See the above attached document for the complete clear pitures what we followed.

we are getting same error when we are trying to windows server operating system also.

Please clariyf what is the exact problem this.
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Esri Esteemed Contributor
Text error messages work best, but if you need to attach images, please do so in an format
like JPEG or PNG, which are more available to folks at home on the weekend (and not vulnerable
to macro-viruses).

- V
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